Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy 15th Birthday, Shassi!

August 27, 1993 a little Shiba came into my life. 15 years later, she's still here and will hopefully be here for a while!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A picture of the invalid

So, we got into the vet's - one that his breeder and his grand-breeder have used for years. I found her competent and flexible, which is pretty damn valuable in a vet. We think that having that will make driving to Mill Bay worth the time and expense.

1 antibiotic for the hole in his head - he got a shot, so I don't have to give this orally
2 antihistamines to help deal with his reaction: 1 once a day and 1, 2 pills 3x/day
1 bottle of ointment administered to a furiously wriggling dog: 2x/day
a hypoallergenic diet - pinto beans/sweet potato/peanut butter for taste, potato chips for snacks and/or Red Dog Deli's Herring/Veggie.

I still think it's the shot. He just wasn't tearing himself apart before this. The bad thing is, from what I've read, this could take months or years to resolve - or might not resolve itself at all. One thing is certain - Tierce is not going to get any more vaccinations. I'd rather do titers than put him through this again.

Now, I'm not totally against shots in general. However, I am seriously rethinking my attitude towards boosters after the initial puppy shots are given.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Just an update so all of you people know that we've not disappeared. Tierce is definitely worse; he has a huge bare spot on his head now. We've been in contact with both Shassi's breeder and Tierce's for advice. His breeder is going to call her vet (we've been going through a very interesting time with vets of late) for an appointment; we are probably looking at Demodectic Mange as a result of the rabies vaccination on July 7th. However, again due to the aforemention interesting experience at the vet's, we have had no confirmation of that.

Okay, well... here goes. I was discussing the possibility with my mother and aunt of them taking Tierce into the vet's about 10 days ago. I work all week, and it's really hard to get any kind of vet on the weekends - they're so booked up. My aunt asked me if I would like her to make a call. I said yes.

She called me several hours later to let me know that she had up and taken Tierce to the vet. This was the same vet who gave him the 3 year, sub-dermal shot on July 7th. I was not happy. Not only did she not bother to ask me if there was any information I could give her (such as I wanted a mite scrape done and that Tierce had stepped on some glass and torn a toe pad right off - yes, it's been a wonderful last two weeks).

I was so not pleased. For those of you who are parents, imagine someone just randomly deciding to take your child to a walk-in clinic for a rash without bothering to check with you first - y'know, to see if the kid is allergic to something or just got the rash by something you already knew about.

The vet also had no idea why Tierce was limping and suggested that if it didn't fix itself, that they bring him back for x-rays.

So, $85 later, I was given all the information that Shassi's breeder had already given me and was no closer to an idea of why Tierce is trying to scratch his skin off. I also apparently have a vet who either can't see an obvious wound or can't be bothered to find it. Guess which way I'm voting. Not heading back to her again. The other vets who work there are competent, but are against feeding raw, etc. I don't want to spend my time arguing with them.

To my aunt's credit, she apologized. But we're still trying to fix my poor little puppy and I can't wait for an appointment at his breeder's vet.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Point 'N Click Shiba!

I am a big fan of point n' click games - mostly they are "escape the room" style games where you click on objects and areas to find items that can help you get out of a room. They have expanded to where you are on a big adventure quest, etc. Anyway, I was checking out Jay is Games, when I came across a post about Escape Day. The description went, "You star as some kind of... cat/fox/puppy guy who has, as the game's intro nicely explains, been lured into, then trapped inside, a kitchen!"

Hmmm... I wonder what kind of dog looks like a cat/fox/puppy... any guesses?

The whole game is in Japanese, so it is going to be difficult for the non-Japanese speaker (I'm totally lost and following the walkthrough!). Fortunately Jay is Games has a walkthrough/Q&A area that can help.

I wants me some kitchen Shiba!

Monday, August 4, 2008

A simple game of Fetch

Me: Here, Tierce! Get the ball!

Tierce: YAYYY! Throw it! Throwitthrowitthrowit!

Me: (toss)

Tierce: YAYYY! Bounce! Bounce! Bounce!

Me: Okay, get it!

Tierce: Bounce! Bounce! Pounce!

Me: Good boy! Now bring it back here!

Tierce: ...

Me: C'mon, bring it back here!

Tierce: but it's mine.

Me: Yes, bring it back so I can throw it again!

Tierce: Mmmm... no.

Me: Come on, give it here.

Tierce: Ooo, chase me!

Me: Give it!

Tierce: You caaaan't haaaave iiiiit...

Me: Drop it!

Tierce: Nyah! Nyah! Na Naaaaannnnnyyyyaaaahhhh!

Me: NO!

Tierce: Look, it's chewy!

Me: No, don't chew that; it's not meant for chewing!

Tierce: I've goooooottttt iiiiitt and yoooooooooouuuu caaaaaan't haaaaaavvvvveeee iiiiiiitttt.

Me: Okay, that's it! You drop that right now!

Tierce: Fine, geez.

Me: (picks ball up)

Tierce: You could throw that for me.

Me: No, you don't bring stuff back.

Tierce: Pleeeeeeaaaaaasssse?

Me: Forget it!

Tierce: But you have it and I want it! Pleeeeeaaaassse!

Me: Okay, fine, but you'll have to bring it back.

Tierce: Okay, fine sure... throwitthrowitthrowit!

Me: (toss)

Ball: Glunk

Me: Oh, shit.

Tierce: Yeah, that's what the ball landed in. And I'm going to GET it!

Me: No! Stay away from that! You lick me with that tongue!

Tierce: Don't worry, I eat poop all the time and you've never had a problem with it before.

Me: I'm going to forget that and therefore will refrain from sending you to the big Shiba playground in the sky.

Tierce: Yay, ball!

Me: No! Don't touch it!

Tierce: I've goooottt iiiiit and yoooooouuuu caaaaan't haaaaave iiiiiit!

Me: No!

Tierce: Catch me!

Me: NO!

Tierce: I've gggggooooooottttt iiiiii-

Me: I've got the hose.

Tierce: aaaaaaaannnnnnnddd yoooooooo-


Tierce: caaaaaaaaannnnn'ttttt haaaaaaa-

Hose: ROAR

Tierce: Aaaaaaah!

Me: Good puppy!

Tierce: EWWWWW!

Me: Hah!

Tierce: (glare)

Me: There you go, a clean ball!

Tierce: I don't want to play now.

Me: Iiiii'vvvee goooooot iiiiiit and yoooooou caaaan't haaaaaave iiiiit

Tierce: (sulk)

Me: Fine. You're only spiting yourself.

Tierce: I'm going to play with this stick. Chew it, too.

Me: I don't care! It's a stick, not a $10 ball.

Tierce: Well, that's no fun. Give me that ball.

Me: No.

Tierce: Gimme the ball!

Me: No!

Tierce: Pleeeeeeaaaaassse!

Me: Well... (toss)

Tierce: YAYYYY!