Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Well, is back up and running and so is the blog. I'm not sure what I'm doing with this blog; might keep it for a while and just post to both or eventually switch to the Wordpress one. I'm tired.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

TMS will be DOWN over the weekend

The Misanthropic Shiba will be up and down over the weekend as I transfer it to a new server and start playing with Wordpress. We will be back up and running on Monday!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Water, water everywhere...

Tierce: Out?

Me: Mmmf.

Tierce: I wanna go out.

Me: MMrrrf.




Me: MRRNNNGGHstupidfuckingdog,hateyou,stupid,owmytoe,yesi'mtakingyou


Me: Shut UP! I'm taking you out!

Tierce: *leap*

Door: *BANG!*


Tierce: Ooowwwuuut. *thump, thump, thumpthumpthump* Hi!

Me: Go away; I'm just finding my boots.

Tierce: Yay! Thumpthumpthumpthumpthumpthud

Door: *BANG!*

Mischa: Gnnnrrrrrnnnngh.

Me: Yeah, yeah yeah.

Tierce: Are you coming down so we can go awwaaahhoooooouuuuttttt?

Me: Ew, it's raining outside. And cold.

Tierce: It's OUTSIDE!

Me: Come here so I can put the leash on.

Tierce: Aww.

Me: Tierce...

Tierce: Okay, okay, okay.

Me: Okay, let's go. Ugh, it's pouring!

Tierce: Hey, I haven't sniffed that bush in, like, forever!

Me: This Flexi only goes out to 20 fee-

Tierce: Grrk!

Me: Control yourself.

Tierce: Whatever *pee*

Me: Okay, let's trudge to the park.

Tierce: Yay! Oh, that poodle from down the street was here earlier! And those little mop dogs from across the way! *pee*

Me: Yeah, yeah. Hurry up. I want you to do all your business so that we don't have to go out again for a long, long, LONG time.

Tierce: Ooo! Someone left a pizza crust in the storm drain!

Me: It probably came in with the flood that is now threatening to overflow my boots. Leave it alone.

Tierce: But, it has cheese-

Me: Leave. It. Alone.

Tierce: All you give me is that crappy allergy food. *pee*

Me: You like that crappy allergy food.

Tierce: Yeah and you eat the same thing for every meal. Oh, wait, no. *pee*

Me: Your life is a tale of woe. Now go take a crap.

Tierce: ...I don't want to go here.

Me: Find a place. How about here? You like unmowed grass.

Tierce: It's not the right place.

Me: Well, here's a nice place.

Tierce: It's too wet.

Me: Here?

Tierce: It's too familiar.

Me: You like open grass, don't you?

Tierce: No, but there's something yummy smelling around here...

Me: FORGET it! Attend to your BUSINESS. And by business, I mean TAKE A SHIT. NOW!

Tierce: I don't feel like it.

Me: You little-

Tierce: Hey, the more you stress me out, the less likely it is that I'll perform.

Me: -sweet, wonderful dog who I am going to strangle if you'll only come over here, my love.

Tierce: Hey, I want to go over here!

Me: Sure, do you think you're going to go?

Tierce: I think so, I think I feel something-

Me: Well?

Tierce: Nothing. It wasn't the right time.

Me: Would a massage help? I've got a couple of boots on that I'll gladly plant in that region should you need help moving things along.

Tierce: That won't be necessary. Let's try over here.

Me: We've been out here for the last twenty minutes. My jacket is almost soaked through and you're looking like the little rat that you are. What the hell are you trying to accomplish?

Tierce: Hey, you're the one dragging me hither and yon. If you let me off, I could be done this in thirty seconds. I just have to find the right spot.

Me: You can find the right spot with the leash on.

Tierce: Your call. Hey, lookitthatbirdoooiwannachasethatbirdoit'sflyingaway...

Me: No! Let's go over here.

Tierce: Meh. That spot has been so *done*.

Me: *Please* take a goddamned crap, Tierce, so I can go back inside and go back to bed. Please. I'm begging you.

Tierce: There is a time for all things under Heaven...

Me: I hate you. I'm wet and I'm cold and I'm standing here in a perfectly good vacant lot because you won't take a crap and I hate you.

Tierce: It sucks, doesn't it. My life has so few pleasures and this is one I'm loathe to part with.

Me: I'm going to have you neutered.

Tierce: So what? You were going to have it done anyway.

Me: Just GO.

Tierce: Yeah, at some point. I'm still finding out who was here last Saturday afternoon.

Me: FINE. I have HAD it. We're going home! Let's GO.

Tierce: Wait! I haven't figured out if this dog lives around here or no-


Tierce: Well, fine. You don't have to be so BRUTAL about it.

Me: Cry me a fucking river of diarrhea.

Tierce: Speaking of that...

Me: What?

Tierce: Hold on a minute.

Me: We're halfway home! I'm not stoppin- oh.

Tierce: Well, that was a relief.

Me: You couldn't have done this back at the lot? Where there was a garbage can right there?

Tierce: I always wondered why you want to bag and save that stuff, considering the fuss you made when I pooped in the house that one time.

Me: I don't want to save it, I want to throw it away! Which is why I like to have a garbage can close at hand!

Tierce: You humans are weird. You go off your rocker if I pee in the house, but you collect feces in bins instead of leaving them out to announce our territory and just disintegrate in the rain. On that note, you hate the rain and don't like getting up early in the morning, but you would rather drag me around for half an hour than let me run around free outside to do my business. You're nuts.

Me: What makes me nuts is my deliberate acquisition of YOU. You're living proof that there's a God and there's some sins I haven't atoned for yet.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Call for Help from the Shibasphere

I got this email a few days ago and, while you'll see my deathless wisdom *pause for laughter* below, I'm thinking that the people who read this blog might have some good advice to offer Jessica:

I hope you don't mind if I ask your advice/opinion on my Shiba....

I adopted him from a dog rescue in June. The vet estimates that he is around 5 years old. Some problems have surfaced since he came to live with us. First, he is the only dog I have ever met that has absolutely no problem sleeping in a pool of his own piss in his crate. He doesn't mind going in at all. I shut the door. He looks up at me with an expressionless face, squats, and pees the most ridiculous river of urine imaginable, not once breaking eye contact with me. At first I thought "Hmn, maybe he's doing this because he knows I am going to let him out so i can clean it up" and that this was just a plea for attention.... But lo and behold, whether I clean it or let him stew in it, he never fails to leave a pee puddle in his kennel. His crate is the perfect size for him- just enough room to lay, turn, stand, etc. I've tried plastic crates and I've tried wire crates... I've tried lots of bedding and no bedding at all. He goes outside before and after crating (where he finds a spot to lay down like a goat and stare at me blankly). So he gets ample opportunity to pee outside.... He's been crated in my bedroom where he can see me, and he's been crated in the dog room, where the other dogs are crated. Location seems to make no difference. In fact, NOTHING seems to make a difference. I really feel like he holds it all day long, just waiting to piss in the crate.

So aside from the peeing, he constantly C-O-N-S-T-A-N-T-L-Y is pacing. Circles, circles, circles, allllllll day long. Will not sit still. Not even a little bit. My vet seems to think he has an anxiety problem. She's prescribed doggy-prozac for him. I'm still not sure how I feel about this. I thought the peeing and the pacing could maybe be a side effect of some kind of health problem but two vets later and full blood panels, he is in perfect health. There's nothing medically wrong with him that could be causing the urination in the crate.

He seems fearful of the most ridiculous things.... Little noises, movement, someone walking by him.... He's ran headfirst into walls trying to get out of the way of someone walking by him. He scrambles away like his tail is on fire if anything rubs him the wrong way.

And the strangest thing ever? I can take him to dog shows, pet conventions, noisy pet stores, and he LOVES IT. No anxiety. No pacing. Relaxed. Mellow. WTF??! Like a perfect angel. And everyone comments on how well-behaved and precious and stately he looks. And he just sits there with his little Shiba-smirk while they go on and on about how good a dog he is..... And then the minute we get home its RUN FOR YOUR LIFE -- SOMEONE'S GONNA EAT ME!!!!

I love this dog. He's hilarious, sweet, and endearing... But really... I do NOT understand where he comes up with this stuff... I've been a dog lover all my life... I've had jack russels, shih tzus, american bulldogs, springer spaniels, and I breed Miniature Pinschers (which up until now I thought were the most hard-to-decode dogs there were). This Shiba is the most quirky creature I've ever encountered. How much of this is normal?? Its really the peeing in the crate thing that baffles me more than anything.

So.. I hope you don't mind... But.... help?

And here's my reply:

"Wow... that's so unusual - normally a Shiba is fanatically clean! I've heard that some pet store pups have a similar problem, being literally forced to live in their waste. Puppymill dogs are also notoriously inbred/insane and you might be dealing with one. Your next step might best be to contact an animal behaviourist.

Do you mind if I post this on my Shibalog? Maybe some of the people who read it will have more insight into this."

Jessica's response was, obviously, yes, so here we are. Any thoughts?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lots o' Video

Take a look at N2Paws, featuring Tellington Touch, or TTouch, AND our favourite breed of dog!

And, of course, everyone's favourite puppies: the webcam Shiba sextet.

I've got to give their owners kudos for not trying to capitalize on the fame of their pups and for promoting responsible breeders and ownership. If you go to the webcam page, you can see their disclaimer:

For more information on the Shiba Inu go here -

Please do NOT purchase pet store (puppy mill) puppies!
Do your research to locate reputable breeders in your area.

Likewise, do NOT buy puppies over the internet! No legitimate breeder will ever advertise puppies for sale on the internet. Don't be fooled by the misleading ads!

Another option would be to consider adopting a rescue Shiba

After watching the horror story on CBC about puppy mills in Quebec, it's nice to know that there are people out there who are using cute puppies to promote a message of responsible dog ownership.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Just Look At My Dog!

This has been circulating the Internet for a while now (I have no clue who made it):

And here's one I made for Tierce:

Friday, November 14, 2008

Article about the Great Obama Dog Debate

The Internet Goes To The Dogs

Great quotes:

Still, you don’t need to have squandered two work weeks glued to the puppy cam — that insanely popular streaming Internet video that’s been focused on nothing more than a crate full of adorable Shiba Inu pups since this month began — to know that was some calculated speechifyin’ on the president-elect’s part.


It’s this allergy business that’s causing the — um — less professional of Internet animal advocates to fear the Obama family’s final choice. Sure the president-elect talks rescue, but then he uses his daughters as a caveat.

What if these allergy constraints of his daughter might cause him to waver — resulting in a canine flip-flop of national proportions? Because, let’s face it: crazy cat people get a bad rap, but crazy dog people are so much worse. Crazy dog people will cut you.

I know. I am one. And I have a knife. Generally, it’s used to chop fresh organic ingredients for meals served twice daily to my herd of rescue pugs, but I’m not above turning it on a backyard breeder … or animal-as-accessory maven Paris Hilton. Whatever.

I've just decided that Helen A.S. Popkin, the author of this piece, is teh awesumz.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Webcam Shibas taking online world by storm

For when you're sick of politics

I've been trying to find out the breeders and kennel name of these pups, but so far have had no luck... does anyone have a link to more information?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Bad owner! No biscuit for you!

I snapped, I'm sorry. I know that I've had a page all about Shibas and it's helped a lot of people and that some people consider me the living end of Shiba knowledge (I'm not! Try Shiba Inu Canada or the National Shiba Club of America). But I've proven myself to be a bad, evil dog owner and not deserving of the title Queen of Shiba.

I took Tierce to the groomer's to get his nails clipped.

Now I know that I should be stoic in the face of his whining, moaning, bitching and complaining, his earsplitting wails, and his sulky pulling away, but I'm not. I'm terrified of hurting him and he's terrified of me hurting him. It's safe to say that we both hate the procedure.

One day, a few days ago, I looked at his paws and they resembled a bear's, with nails out to ----- here and knew that I was just prolonging the inevitable.

Dog 'N Suds is a grooming/care facility not very far from where I live, so I slouched there to deliver my little brat. Tierce, of course, was extremely excited and interested, even in the trio of Dachshunds threatening to rip out his throat on his way in.

He behaved himself, at least, even when it was his turn. The groomer whipped him under her arm and carried him into the back with the ease of long practice. Two or three minutes later of whining, moaning, bitching and complaining, he was out, congratulating himself on his miraculous escape from death. It was the best 10 bucks I've ever spent.

No, seriously. Best. Ten. Dollars. Ever.

Even if it makes me a bad puppy owner who can't stand to clip my dog's nails, if there are competent people who will do it for a price. If there wasn't anybody, I could steel myself to do nails, but I've tasted the lack of stress and it is sweet! Now I know why Mom pays for Shassi to get groomed - it's just EASIER.

(Best part of all, Tierce is in the nail clipping program and it only costs $5 per visit!)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Vote no!

First pup choices: will the Goldendoodle win out?

I generally hesitate on 'designer dogs', because I think that the overwhelming majority of them are not bred for any other purpose than to produce puppies for profit. However, I disagree about the Shiba puppies that Samantha Beerman votes for (yeah, yeah, I know it's tongue-in-cheek).

Free Videos by Ustream.TV

Hey, I like more stuff about our breed as much as the next dog-obsessed fanatic, but the last thing I'd like is a Shiba in the Oval Office. All of a sudden, pet shops and backyard breeders would figure that they could cash in on the sudden popularity and bam! there goes the breed. Of course our dedicated breeders would keep on breeding and educating, but it's just something we so do not need.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

One more reason you should make damn sure the fence is secure

Shiba scales vet's fence, gets hit by car

At least the owner is not vilifying the vet to the public. I think, though, that any business's kennels should have overhangs that prevent dogs from getting a purchase on the top.

Friday, October 31, 2008

You want what for that?

In the post below, Nikko's Momma posted a link to a site she thought I would be interested in. And I was. It's a set of stuffed Shiba toys, made by Piutre, an Italian company that sells in the U.S.

Aren't they cute? Unfortunately, the price is less adorable:

Puppy, Lying Down (16") $145
Standing (22") $598
Lying Down (22") $460
Puppy, Sitting (16") $145

Nnngh?! Five hundred and ninety-eight DOLLARS? For that price you can get a real Shiba! Of course, these ones don't have to be neutered and they don't wriggle past the barrier and through the fence into the neighbours' yard, like a certain Shiba of my acquaintance did this morning.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Toby visits for the weekend

Toby comes to visit

Me: Remember Toby? He's Chris' dog.

Tierce: Hell, yeah. He's the Golden Retriever that I can beat up.

Me: He's 75 pounds. He'll eat you.

Tierce: Yeah. Whatever.

Me: Hey Toby!

Toby: HIHihi!

Tierce: I could totally take you.

Toby: Let's play!



Tierce & Toby: Growl, growl, growl, bite, bite, bite.

Me: So, how's that bullying going?

Tierce: Mmmf.

Me: Can't hear you.

Tierce: Mmmmf! e'z mffing uh mmm HEAhn!

Me: Speak up.

Toby: I think what he's trying to say is that I'm sitting on his head.

Me: So you are. Look at that little bugger flail.

Tierce: Mmmf! MMMMF! EnnhHHh! -OFF OF ME!

Toby: Oh, there you are.


Toby: You're funny!

Tierce: I'm your ALPHA!

Toby: Let's play!

Tierce: Let's me dominate you!

Toby: Okay. I'm on my back now. Let's play!

Tierce: No! We're supposed to fight for supremacy!

Toby: Okay, I'll get up.

Tierce: mmMMMMFFF!

Toby: Are we fighting for supremacy now?


Me: I think it would facilitate the bloody battle of ascension if you stopped lying on him.

Toby: Oh. Oh, yes. Yes, I suppose it would.


Toby: Okay, let's fight to the death.


Toby: Graaaahrrryawn?

Tierce: Never mind. Let's- YAAAAWWWN. I'm tired.

Toby: Yeah, me too. Let's nap and kill each other later.

Tierce: Fine by me. Hey, later I can show you how to jump off the couch and hit somebody in the crotch on your way down.

Toby: Cool! Then I can show you how to stick your head between someone's legs so you trip them while they're carrying food!

Tierce: Yay! Best friends forever!

Me: Now you'll be begging me for sleepovers.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Shiba Room Escape

Dog Room Escape: It's all in Japanese (of course), so I have no idea what I'm doing. However, there is a little dog with a familiar smirk on its face:

And there's what looks like a Shiba in rigor mortis:



Thursday, October 16, 2008


Well, Tierce is much better on the Cyclosporine, although I'm not a fan of giving him a pill that requires an anti-nausea pill to keep it in him. Here he is next to one of many jellyfish that washed up on the shore beside Departure Bay Terminal (BC Ferries).

Shassi (forgot to get a picture tonight) is... a 15 year old dog. My aunt took her to one of the best vets in Nanaimo and got a complete blood panel done. Verdict: Shassi is in good shape for a 15 year old dog, but her kidneys are failing. Not entirely an unforeseen thing. Fortunately, my aunt is determined to take care of her and is feeding her the lowest-protein dog food that she can find.

Katana, the subject of my last post is, according to Petfinder, still looking for a home.

Bella, the Shiba missing since this April, is still at large.

Wow, lots of good news, huh? Well, I'm just glad that Tierce isn't scratching as much and he can stop wearing the cone most of the time!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Katana needs a home!

Photo from PAWS

From Phyllyist:

Katana has one of those stories that breaks our hearts. She's a loving 10-year-old Shiba Inu whose owner surrendered her because he "didn't have enough time for her anymore."

I love how people abandon their pets, then wring their hands and say how sad that they are that they didn't have enough time/couldn't find a place/couldn't train it. Yes, I know that there are always exceptions where the dog and owner just aren't working out, but I also think that in the majority of cases, the owner doesn't want to work things out. Basically, they get a dog and then tire of it.

Excerpt from the Petfinder entry for Katana:

This poor girl is so terrified at the shelter that she will not look at anyone. She stares at the back of her cage all day and all night long. If you can help out a senior that spent her entire life in a home environment and is now in a very scary place, please come meet her.

(who wants to find this guy and kick him several times in the gonads? The line starts here!)

Meanwhile, the dog knows no other life, has no inkling of other possibilities and, as in Katana's case, is too old for most people to consider bringing her home. If Katana was in Nanaimo, I would probably be bailing her out on Saturday.

Katana (via Petfinder) gets along with most other dogs, but really is not interested in them too much and she doesn't seem to know what cats are (she could probably learn to live with them). She is an older girl and has a pretty low energy level. She is independent and it takes her some time to warm up to new people.

Typical Shiba... she would probably make a great companion for someone who wants to go for sedate walks and just wants some company in the evenings.

I would like to point out that Shassi is 15 and still in decent shape (for a 15 year old dog!) 5 years is a long time - a lot of people don't keep their cars or houses that long! So, if you're in the Philly area and looking for a Shiba, but aren't sure that you can handle having a young one, why not consider Katana? What's a short time for you is going to be a lifetime for her. You could make it a happy one.

Adoption info:

If you'd like to save Katana, e-mail The adoption fee for a PAWS dog is $40, plus an $8 city license fee if you live in Philadelphia. The fee includes spaying/neutering, which will be performed before your new companion comes home with you, and microchipping. Also, make note of Katana's ID number above, and bring it with you when you go to the PAWS shelter, which is located at 111 West Hunting Park Ave (map).

More pics! at the Petfinder Profile for Katana

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Allergy central

Tierce went back to the vet's today to get his stitches out. His skin biopsies showed no sign of any disease or other problem and the "most likely cause of his itching is atopy or food allergies".

The vet advised a "hydrolyzed protein" diet. From what she told me, "hydrolyzed protein" means the protein breaks down into components too small for the body to form an allergic reaction to. This is the only thing Tierce can have. No treats, even his toys have to be put away. He can, however, have sticks to play with.

She wants me to keep Tierce on this diet for two months to rule out food allergies and I agreed, because nothing is working so far. However, I can't wait for two months to be over. The food looks like CORN POPS, for Dog's sake.

And just wait until you read what's in this stuff:

Starch, hydrolyzed soy protein isolate, coconut oil, calcium phosphate, canola oil preserved with TBHQ, powdered cellulose, corn oil, potassium chloride, vegetable gums (gum arabic, guar gum), choline chloride, DL-methionine, salt, magnesium oxide, lecithin, taurine, zinc sulfate, ferrous sulfate, Vitamin E supplement, manganese sulfate, niacin, calcium carbonate, Vitamin A supplement, copper sulfate, calcium pantothenate, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin supplement, garlic oil, Vitamin B-12 supplement, pyridoxine hydrochloride, folic acid, Vitamin D-3 supplement, calcium iodate, biotin, menadione sodium bisulfite complex (source of vitamin K activity), sodium selenite.

Starch??! Yeah, that seems like a REALLY healthy main ingredient... oh, but look! Canola oil preserved with TBHQ! Charming. I know that some dogs do really well on this kind of food, but the ingredients make me throw up a little in my mouth. Typically - it's full of crap (I know, I know, sometimes this kind of thing is the only food a dog can handle) - and he LOVES it. He hated the pinto-bean-and-sweet-potato test food we had him on and lost half a pound.

1 bag and that's it. We're going back to RDD Herring once it's proven that it's not a food allergy. He loves that, too.

I'm pretty convinced that it's the vaccine that has caused this, but I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure that's what it is. Problem is, we don't know if the vaccine triggered another allergy. So we might as well put him on this diet and see if he does any better.

He also has a new and exciting pill to take: Cyclosporine. The vet said it was better than Prednisone, especially since he is so young. After a look at the side effects of Prednisone, I'm inclined to agree.

So that's where we are with Tierce: pills and Corn Pops. Hope it helps.

Monday, September 22, 2008

It's about damn time

Pit-bull owner charged with felony

It's a pity the dog was euthanized and not the owner is all I have to say about this. Bella is still at large but we're all hoping that she makes it back home.


Something cool you can do with your blog: Wordle

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Why didn't I pick a stupid dog?

Me: Okay, go run around in the yard.

Tierce: Yay! What are you doing?

Me: Sitting with my laptop on the couch outside to make sure you don't try to get through the gate again.

Tierce: Spoilsport.

Me: Yup, just here to ruin your day.

Tierce: Fine. Think you could take off this cone and this stupid dog T-shirt?

Me: No, because then you'll lick and scratch yourself to death.

Tierce: But I'm ITCHY.

Me: I'd rather see you suffer than get a massive infection. The last vet bill was 183.46.

Tierce: Fine, be an autocratic dictator. I'm going to see how many things I can pee on before I run out of urine.

Me: That's what you're here for.

Tierce: Do-dee-doo-dee-do.

Me: Tierce... what are you doing?

Tierce: Sniffing around the back fence.

Me: Oh. Okay.

Tierce: *push*

Loose Fence Board: *creak*

Tierce: Wow, there's a whole other yard back there!

Me: Tierce! What are you up to?

Tierce: Sniffing around the fence!

Me: Okay, that's fine.

Tierce: *push*

Loose Fence Board: *CREAK*

Tierce: COOL!

Me: Tierce?

Tierce: WOW! There are other dogs that come in this yard!

Me: Where are you?


Tierce: Hey! I'm out here and you're in there! Sucks to be you, doesn't it?!


Me: How did you get in there?

Tierce: So... many... new... smells...


Tierce: Can't front... sniffing!


Tierce: Did you know these dogs had leftover steak last night? Why don't I get leftover steak?

Neighbor: Here puppy!

Tierce: Why do your dogs get steak and I don't?

Me: Thanks, can you just pass him through where this loose board is?

Tierce: I'm not done!

Me: Yes you are.

Neighbor: Here you go!

Me: Thanks so much. Sorry about that!

Neighbor: Oh, no problem.

Tierce: I was just exploring your yard and then you grabbed me and sent me back to prison. *I* have a problem!

Me: Oh, you have no idea. You know how to get by the gate and now I can't let you run around the yard because you'll find all the loose boards and get into other people's property!

Tierce: I was just conducting canine urban reconnaissance.

Me: Well, you can conduct another reconnaissance in the tub. You need a bath.

Tierce: *gasp*

Me: You know, this hurts me more than it hurts y- oh who am I kidding. You're going to be miserable and I'm going to enjoy every minute of it.

Tierce: You really are here just to ruin my day!

Me: Now I am. Want a rubber ducky?


Correction to the post New Shiba Comic!

The comic Letters from Us is NOT by Jim Freiberger, but by Carole Hogan; Jim was just letting people know about the newest Shiba goodness available on the 'Net.

The F-word

It's inevitable. When you walk your Shiba down the street, someone will come up to you, gushing how cute your dog is. And they will invariably say, "It looks like a little fox!"

Does anyone else bite their tongue on: "Well, a Shiba is much more compact than a fox, their tails curl over their backs, whereas a fox's does not, they have a shorter muzzle and a wider head and by the way, you're the 12th person to say those exact words about my dog. Congratulations."

Generally, no... because, really, I'm not that petty.

But I'm petty enough to think it.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Monday, September 1, 2008

New Shiba Comic!

Letters From Us

By Jim Freiberger, featuring his Shiba Inus Riley and Sidney.

And I stumbled upon another blog:
Northeast Shiba Inu Sanctuary

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy 15th Birthday, Shassi!

August 27, 1993 a little Shiba came into my life. 15 years later, she's still here and will hopefully be here for a while!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A picture of the invalid

So, we got into the vet's - one that his breeder and his grand-breeder have used for years. I found her competent and flexible, which is pretty damn valuable in a vet. We think that having that will make driving to Mill Bay worth the time and expense.

1 antibiotic for the hole in his head - he got a shot, so I don't have to give this orally
2 antihistamines to help deal with his reaction: 1 once a day and 1, 2 pills 3x/day
1 bottle of ointment administered to a furiously wriggling dog: 2x/day
a hypoallergenic diet - pinto beans/sweet potato/peanut butter for taste, potato chips for snacks and/or Red Dog Deli's Herring/Veggie.

I still think it's the shot. He just wasn't tearing himself apart before this. The bad thing is, from what I've read, this could take months or years to resolve - or might not resolve itself at all. One thing is certain - Tierce is not going to get any more vaccinations. I'd rather do titers than put him through this again.

Now, I'm not totally against shots in general. However, I am seriously rethinking my attitude towards boosters after the initial puppy shots are given.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Just an update so all of you people know that we've not disappeared. Tierce is definitely worse; he has a huge bare spot on his head now. We've been in contact with both Shassi's breeder and Tierce's for advice. His breeder is going to call her vet (we've been going through a very interesting time with vets of late) for an appointment; we are probably looking at Demodectic Mange as a result of the rabies vaccination on July 7th. However, again due to the aforemention interesting experience at the vet's, we have had no confirmation of that.

Okay, well... here goes. I was discussing the possibility with my mother and aunt of them taking Tierce into the vet's about 10 days ago. I work all week, and it's really hard to get any kind of vet on the weekends - they're so booked up. My aunt asked me if I would like her to make a call. I said yes.

She called me several hours later to let me know that she had up and taken Tierce to the vet. This was the same vet who gave him the 3 year, sub-dermal shot on July 7th. I was not happy. Not only did she not bother to ask me if there was any information I could give her (such as I wanted a mite scrape done and that Tierce had stepped on some glass and torn a toe pad right off - yes, it's been a wonderful last two weeks).

I was so not pleased. For those of you who are parents, imagine someone just randomly deciding to take your child to a walk-in clinic for a rash without bothering to check with you first - y'know, to see if the kid is allergic to something or just got the rash by something you already knew about.

The vet also had no idea why Tierce was limping and suggested that if it didn't fix itself, that they bring him back for x-rays.

So, $85 later, I was given all the information that Shassi's breeder had already given me and was no closer to an idea of why Tierce is trying to scratch his skin off. I also apparently have a vet who either can't see an obvious wound or can't be bothered to find it. Guess which way I'm voting. Not heading back to her again. The other vets who work there are competent, but are against feeding raw, etc. I don't want to spend my time arguing with them.

To my aunt's credit, she apologized. But we're still trying to fix my poor little puppy and I can't wait for an appointment at his breeder's vet.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Point 'N Click Shiba!

I am a big fan of point n' click games - mostly they are "escape the room" style games where you click on objects and areas to find items that can help you get out of a room. They have expanded to where you are on a big adventure quest, etc. Anyway, I was checking out Jay is Games, when I came across a post about Escape Day. The description went, "You star as some kind of... cat/fox/puppy guy who has, as the game's intro nicely explains, been lured into, then trapped inside, a kitchen!"

Hmmm... I wonder what kind of dog looks like a cat/fox/puppy... any guesses?

The whole game is in Japanese, so it is going to be difficult for the non-Japanese speaker (I'm totally lost and following the walkthrough!). Fortunately Jay is Games has a walkthrough/Q&A area that can help.

I wants me some kitchen Shiba!

Monday, August 4, 2008

A simple game of Fetch

Me: Here, Tierce! Get the ball!

Tierce: YAYYY! Throw it! Throwitthrowitthrowit!

Me: (toss)

Tierce: YAYYY! Bounce! Bounce! Bounce!

Me: Okay, get it!

Tierce: Bounce! Bounce! Pounce!

Me: Good boy! Now bring it back here!

Tierce: ...

Me: C'mon, bring it back here!

Tierce: but it's mine.

Me: Yes, bring it back so I can throw it again!

Tierce: Mmmm... no.

Me: Come on, give it here.

Tierce: Ooo, chase me!

Me: Give it!

Tierce: You caaaan't haaaave iiiiit...

Me: Drop it!

Tierce: Nyah! Nyah! Na Naaaaannnnnyyyyaaaahhhh!

Me: NO!

Tierce: Look, it's chewy!

Me: No, don't chew that; it's not meant for chewing!

Tierce: I've goooooottttt iiiiitt and yoooooooooouuuu caaaaaan't haaaaaavvvvveeee iiiiiiitttt.

Me: Okay, that's it! You drop that right now!

Tierce: Fine, geez.

Me: (picks ball up)

Tierce: You could throw that for me.

Me: No, you don't bring stuff back.

Tierce: Pleeeeeeaaaaaasssse?

Me: Forget it!

Tierce: But you have it and I want it! Pleeeeeaaaassse!

Me: Okay, fine, but you'll have to bring it back.

Tierce: Okay, fine sure... throwitthrowitthrowit!

Me: (toss)

Ball: Glunk

Me: Oh, shit.

Tierce: Yeah, that's what the ball landed in. And I'm going to GET it!

Me: No! Stay away from that! You lick me with that tongue!

Tierce: Don't worry, I eat poop all the time and you've never had a problem with it before.

Me: I'm going to forget that and therefore will refrain from sending you to the big Shiba playground in the sky.

Tierce: Yay, ball!

Me: No! Don't touch it!

Tierce: I've goooottt iiiiit and yoooooouuuu caaaaan't haaaaave iiiiiit!

Me: No!

Tierce: Catch me!

Me: NO!

Tierce: I've gggggooooooottttt iiiiii-

Me: I've got the hose.

Tierce: aaaaaaaannnnnnnddd yoooooooo-


Tierce: caaaaaaaaannnnn'ttttt haaaaaaa-

Hose: ROAR

Tierce: Aaaaaaah!

Me: Good puppy!

Tierce: EWWWWW!

Me: Hah!

Tierce: (glare)

Me: There you go, a clean ball!

Tierce: I don't want to play now.

Me: Iiiii'vvvee goooooot iiiiiit and yoooooou caaaan't haaaaaave iiiiit

Tierce: (sulk)

Me: Fine. You're only spiting yourself.

Tierce: I'm going to play with this stick. Chew it, too.

Me: I don't care! It's a stick, not a $10 ball.

Tierce: Well, that's no fun. Give me that ball.

Me: No.

Tierce: Gimme the ball!

Me: No!

Tierce: Pleeeeeeaaaaassse!

Me: Well... (toss)

Tierce: YAYYYY!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Real Sonofanitch

Tierce continues to be plagued with itchiness and an uncontrollable urge to claw himself to pieces. We've combatted this as best we can while we try some different remedies.

Tierce's fashionable anti-scratch-until-you-hit-an-artery wear:

The T-shirt he's wearing is there because he's scratched his chest raw:

The first sign of problems - see the bare spots around the eyes and the goop in the right eye?

Then I noticed that the hair on his left ear was thinning...

The problem is that I don't know what's causing this. My aunt up and took him to the vet (I was not pleased, because she took him there without telling me and getting some VERY necessary information. However, she apologized, so I'm gonna let it go.) The vet found that he had a yeast infection, but that doesn't tell us anything because anything from allergies to mites could cause it... in fact, she basically gave us the same advice as Tierce's "grand-breeder" did - Nizoral anti-dandruff treatment (off-the-shelf, for-humans, anti-dandruff, anti-fungal shampoo). So, $85 later, we're still no closer to a cure.

I am still strongly leaning towards Tierce's 3 year rabies shot as a cause. He was scratching before, but it was only after the shot that he really started tearing at himself. Part of me hopes that it is and that we can cure it, because it still means that his immune system is genetically sound. If it turns out that he has allergies, he probably shouldn't be bred, as allergies are a symptom of a fucked-up immune system. However, if his immune system is merely stressed, he could still be a candidate as a sire.

Part of me really hopes so, as he has an outstanding temperament, his hips and eyes should clear with no problems and his knees are stable, so far. If he passes his tests, he would be a dog that could add a lot to the Shiba breed IMO (although he's only 16 months old, so too young to seriously think of that, yet). However, I would rather that he have a manageable allergy and not be bred than watch him go through this. I won't have any part of breeding a dog that could continue a problem that Shibas are notorious for.

My trainer advised me to take Tierce off his kibble, even though we switched to GO! Natural Grain Free, and this is what I think I'm going to try. I've been having uncomfortable thoughts about feeding Tierce what basically consists of protein/meal replacement bars all his life, even if they claim to give him all his daily needs' worth of nutrition. So, I'm going to try feeding him 'real food' and see where that takes us. I'm going to be doing a lot of research into the proper nutrition of real food, so I'll probably be posting regular updates on that stuff here.

Kibble is a fairly recent invention and dogs have survived for thousands of years on non-manufactured food. However, I'm not a fan of just feeding Tierce whatever we're eating and expecting him to do well on this. I think that this is a lot like veganism - wonderfully healthy when the right foods/supplements are eaten, but horribly unhealthy when approached carelessly. So we'll see.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

WTF is in the dog food?

ANOTHER Shiba attacked by loose, uncontrolled dogs

I would be taking these people to court, if only to emphasize their responsibility for their animals. It's time dog owners took a stand and refused to allow people to threaten others with their animals, whether intentionally or through carelessness.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Itchery, part II

Tierce has been to the vet, who took samples diagnosed him with a mild yeast infection on his chest. Her advice was to shampoo him with Nizoral (anti-dandruff, anti-fungal shampoo) every other day. That, coupled with changing his food to Go! Natural Grain Free, might do the trick. In a few weeks.

Oh, yeah... while we were down at the beach the day before yesterday, Tierce stepped on a piece of glass and sliced a chunk off one of his toe pads. Now he's hopping around like Pogo-dog (his hurt foot doesn't stop him from running around) and still trying to scratch his eyes.

This has just been the best week ever.

Monday, July 21, 2008


Tierce has been scratching... Scratching... SCRATCHING! It started when the serious heat of summer began, so we were thinking that this has something to do with the heat.

We took him to the vet for his annual checkup and he got his rabies shots. The vet said that the scratching was probably an allergy or the heat and to add some fish oil and coat boosters to his food.

However, Tierce has started to scratch at his eyes! Some of the hair has been worn away... I'm hoping that this is a food allergy and a switch to GO! Grain Free will accomplish some improvement. I'm hoping that it's not demodectic mange or some other real big nasty. However, only a trip back to the vet will tell for sure.

My trainer and Shassi's breeder say it could be a reaction to the 3 yr rabies shot and to just wait for his immune system to get back up and running. I'm still worried about him. We're going to try to get him in on Saturday, but it depends on whether I can get an appointment. Otherwise, I'll probably have to take some time off of work to haul his furry ass into the office.

Wish us luck... :(

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Getting there

Me: Tierce!

Tierce: What?

Me: We're going for a RIDE!

Tierce: Is that my harness?

Me: Um, no...

Tierce: Liar!

Me: Tierce!

Tierce: I hate the harness.

Me: Don't run away from me!

Tierce: I'm not coming near you, crazy woman. You want to trap me inside those straps!

Me: Come here! You need the harness to keep you safely in the trailer!

Tierce: No.


Tierce: NO.

Me: Okay, fine. I don't have the harness.

Tierce: Okaaay... so, what do you wan-

Me: HA!

Tierce: Cheater!

Me: There you go. Oh, don't look so tragic.

Tierce: Hate the harness. Hate you. Hate everything.

Me: Okay, we have to get moving... your appointment is in half an hour.

Tierce: Gonna go outside. Eat worms. Die.

Me: Okay, into the trailer!

Tierce: Hate the trailer.

Me: Okay, you're snapped in... ready to go?

Tierce: Hate, hate, hate.

Me: Hmmm... where have I seen that before?

Tierce: Don't care.

Me: Okay, here we go!

Tierce: mmm... Wind in my face!

Me: *pant* Are you sure you haven't gained any weight in the last few months?

Tierce: With that crap you feed me? No, I haven't.

Me: *gasp* That 'crap' is premium dog food. You should be grateful. Puppies are starving in Japan.

Tierce: You get pizza.

Me: That's because I WORK for pizza. Like I'm working now!

Tierce: Sulk, sulk, sulk.

Me: Well, here we are!

Tierce: Don't care. Harness evil. Will to live draining.

Me: You know what? I remember the good old days when dogs used to pull people.

Tierce: How barbaric!

Me: I actually quite like the idea. Ready to see the nice vet?

Tierce: No. Hate the vet. Hate you.

Me: Okay, there you go. No more harness.

Tierce: YAY! Oh frabjous day! The sweetness of life doth verily sing in mine veins!

Me: Calm down.

Tierce: Not calming down. Not listening. For now is the time for JOY!

Me: I brought some hamburger. And cheese...

Tierce: Cheese?

Friday, July 11, 2008

Tierce the Shiba ambassador to veterinary clinics everywhere

Vet and staff: Oh, no, another Shiba!

Tierce: Doo-de-doody-doo... hey, cheese!

Me: Yeah, the vet's office is a WONDERFUL place, isn't it?

Staff: He's friendly?!

Vet: I don't have to muzzle him?!

Tierce: I get to eat hamburger!

Me: What kind of Shibas have come in here before?

Vet and Staff: Neurotic fear-biters.

Me: Oookaaay.....

Vet: Okay, now I'm going to check him out.

Tierce: What are you doing?

Vet: Listening to your heart.

Tierce: Oh. Mmm... this is the expensive stuff from the top fridge shelf, isn't it?

Me: Yes. Don't tell Mischa; he'd flip.

Tierce: Don't worry, I won't. Yum.

Vet: Aaaaand... check your temperature...

Tierce: Hey! That's a private area!

Me: Cheese!

Tierce: Yay!

Vet: Okay, can we check your teeth?

Me: Okay, Tierce, we're going to check your teeth!

Tierce: Do I get cheese?

Me: Absolutely; just show the nice doctor your pearly whites.

Vet: Looks really good, except for the hamburger stuck between them.

Tierce: I'm working on it, okay?

Vet: Time for a shot... can you hold him?

Tierce: What's she doin-

Me: Cheese!

Tierce: Yay!

Vet: Just a little pinch...

Tierce: What's that?

Me: Cheese!

Tierce: Yay!

Vet: Okay, he's good to go. This really is the friendliest, best behaved Shiba I've ever seen.

Me: Me too. It's the magic of animal food products.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lost Shiba post

Bella is still at large: here's her new website

A lost Shiba named "Mochi" is the cause of a furor over 'Lost Dog' signs. A Pittsburgh Shiba owner was threatened with thousands of dollars in fines by an unnamed Pittsburgh Department of Public Works employee. She had put up approximately 1000 fliers in the Pittsburgh area and said that the search for Mochi was hindered by the amount of time she and friends took to take them down.

We here at TMS appreciate the efforts of people who take down fliers if a lost dog is found or a search is called off, but to force an owner to take down the only link she may have to hundreds to thousands of people who might have seen her dog is moronic.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Tierce SWAM all by himself today! He voluntarily let the water cover his back! Look at the evidence:

He defeated the giant stick:

AND... I found a pair of Shiba socks!

Oh, frabjous day...!

Monday, June 30, 2008

It's muggy in Nanaimo

Tierce: It's hot.

Me: Well we're at the lake. Go swimming.

Tierce: No.

Me: Why? You like splashing around in it.

Tierce: If it touches my back, it will swallow me up.

Me: It will not. See? I'm swimming.

Tierce: You're crazy. There's MONSTERS in there.

Me: Oh, don't be silly. Come on.

Tierce: No.

Me: Too bad; you're going to learn that water won't hurt you.

Tierce: NO.

Me: Okay, don't worry. I've got you.

Tierce: This is bad! Let me go!

Me: Ouch! Stop it!

Tierce: I'm just trying to get back to shore before the water gets me.

Me: It's not going to get you. Now isn't that nice and cool?

Tierce: I hate you.

Me: How's the water.

Tierce: Cool and refreshing and I still hate you.

Me: Okay, good boy! Now swim to shore!

Tierce: Hate, hate, hate.

Me: There, now aren't you cooler?

Tierce: Much, owing to your cold, cold heart.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Helena dogs

Here's a blog focussing on the fight to recapture and rehome the Helena dogs, dumped by Mayor Valley of Helena:


In more Helena news, Mayor Valley 'apologized' for the release of the dogs - by claiming that the incident was a "distraction" from the good being done in the Helena area, blaming "a renegade humane society from the southeastern portion of [Arkansas]", and stating that he had broken no law and that the dogs "set free" by his order were not a danger to anyone.

Apparently Valley failed to note the laws pertaining to cruelty to animals, not to mention a rather obvious fact that domestic animals left to turn feral, become a danger to people via disease and predatory/territorial behaviour.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sprout Widget

Sprout offers an easy widget maker, so I've made one that is going on all my pages:

If there's anyone who wants to advertise a rescue Shiba on TMS, you can send me a picture with the following information:

Age (Puppy, Young Adult, Adult, Senior)
Other Pets?
Any other info that you want to give; I'll try to get it on there!

I can make a button that points to a particular page featuring your rescue dog, as well as one that points to your site. If you would rather just feature your rescue, I'll be happy to do that as well.

Contact me at for more info.


Sunday, June 22, 2008


I created a couple of pages:

Shiba inus

Canadian Shiba inus

I'm going to add more stuff to them; just playing around with what Squidoo can do!

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Once again, I've updated the entire site at I like this better! I'll be adding more ads to the ad side of the pages, but I like the layout better now.

According to my tests, this layout will show the following:

  • 640x480: menu, main article
  • 800x600: menu, main article, link buttons to store, blog, and about us page
  • 1024x768 and above: menu, main article, link buttons to store, blog, and about us page, and ads - wonderful ads that pay for this website! (ouch, did that hint pinch?)

I want to add:
  • thumbnails of the graphics that are offered in the store
  • a complete sitemap that includes subpages
  • a page for letters and responses
  • some kind of widget that rotates pictures and info of rescue shibas needing homes
    • also a widget that shows an auto alert for missing shibas
Lots to do... :)

In other news, Bella is still at large. She was spotted last Sunday, so for all of you dog lovers in the San Jose area, keep your eyes open!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wherein self-interest meets self-pity to the great satisfaction of all concerned

Tierce: Ooo, let's go out for a walk!

Me: I don't want to.

Tierce: But it's sunny outside and there's things to smell!

Me: Leave me alone.

Tierce: ...

Tierce: I bet you want to. Look how bright it is out! And I want to see if the Labrador from down the street stopped by. Did you know that I can smell one part of urine in a million parts of-


Tierce: ...

Tierce: [poke]

Me: I hate myself. I hate my life.

Tierce: I bet if you walk me, you'll feel better. Well, I'll feel better, but isn't that the same thing?

Me: I'm a loser.

Tierce: LOOK! There he goes! Let's go out so I can smell what he's been up to!

Me: *sniff*

Me: I hate you.

Tierce: But you love walks, right?

Me: I hate walking you. I hate everything about it.

Tierce: But I'm really cute, right?

Tierce: [unbelievably cute look with the flattened ears and the wagging tail and the big eyes]


Tierce: I'm soooo cuuuutttteeee... and I wannagoforawalk. Walk me!

Me: I'm ugly and fat.

Tierce: Walk me and get thinner!

Me: I'm depressed.

Tierce: A brisk walk will make you happier!

Me: *sob*

Tierce: [poke]

Me: ...go awayyy...

Tierce: I will when you walk me.


Tierce: Yay!

Me: Shut up!


Tierce: And here's where that Labrador from down the street peed a half-hour ago. Whew; I don't think they're feeding her very well. That Lhasa apso mix next door, though, he got steak today. Why don't I get steak? And there's some mixed breed that came by. Doesn't smell like someone local, but-

Me: You know, it's nice and sunny out. I feel better.

Tierce: -better not come around my yard; I'll make him regret it. Ooooh, that unspayed cocker spaniel was here... she's something, for sure-

Me: I should have come out and gone for a walk earlier; maybe I would feel better if I got more sunlight.

Tierce: -oooh, a hamburger wrapper! There's not much on it, though, more's the pity. I think I smell that Springer from across the way, but she hasn't been here recently-

Me: You know, I'm really glad to have you, Tierce. You made me get out and enjoy the day.

Tierce: -that Golden Retriever two houses up. Smells like she doesn't have much time left. She must be, what. Fifteen? Sixteen? Oooh! A bug!

Me: Tierce?

Tierce: -got to get it, aaah, aaah, GOT YOU! Mmm... crunchy- ew, sour. Pah! Bleh!-


Tierce: What?

Me: I'm really glad to have you in my life.

Tierce: Of course you are.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fallout continues over dogs

Fallout continues over dogs

Helena-West Helena Mayor James Valley is facing possible criminal charges after the Humane Society of Southeastern Arkansas filed charges with the Phillips County Sheriff’s Department Monday after Valley directed city sanitation workers to free 10 dogs at the St. Francis National Forest last Wednesday. Ruby Burton, director of the Humane Society of Southeast Arkansas, swore out an affidavit for arrest against Valley, citing state animal cruelty laws dealing with abandonment, mistreatment and neglect, all Class A misdemeanors. At press time, no information on whether a warrant was issued for his arrest had been received.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Not about Shibas, but of interest to any dog lover

Arkansas city releases shelter dogs into national forest

I wish to Dog this was an Onion news article, but it's not.

"They are better off free," Mayor James Valley said Thursday. "Pardon the pun, but it was just something that was dogging us. So it would be easier for us until we get a facility and have a plan that we just not be in the animal shelter business."

Here is a blog entry with a letter from the mayor concerning the incident.

...we are or have released all but a few our those animals heretofore housed at the sanitation shop. We fed and watered them and took them to the St. Francis National Forest and released them to freedom.

Isn't it ironic that St. Francis of Assisi is the patron saint of animals? Unfortunately the St. Francis National Forest is not the patron park of domestic dogs. Bear, coyote, and alligators are all residents of the park, as well as bats, raccoons and foxes which can carry rabies. Valley has just released ten potential vectors of rabies, not to mention species-specific diseases. Not to mention the fact that Valley states that "[o]ne of our animal control officers has been to the hospital three times in as many months. Twice for bites and once for a severely sprained ankle growing out of incidents with these animals". What happens when these hungry dogs come across people? Kids coming home from school? Pet animals? Livestock?

Do not just point fingers at the mayor! Gloria Higginbotham, director of the Humane Society of the Delta stated that "the animals were “better off” fending for themselves."

Well, looky here: Mayor Valley's Journal where he tells us that he can be reached at City Hall, 98 Plaza Street, (72390); (870)572-3421 Telephone (870)572-5034 Facsimile (870)817-4035 Cellular Phone. His mailing address is P O Box 248, Helena-West Helena, AR (72342).

This looks like his website, but note it has a different mailing address.

Humane Society of the Delta
website; phone:
(870) 589-3396. The contact page on the website gives some different numbers: (870) 816-5979 and (870) 572-2902

I wonder how long these people would survive if dumped out in buttfuck nowhere with no food, no shelter, no tools, and no knowledge of how to survive.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dogs, Showing, and Testicles

Me: I need your help to practice showing with Tierce.

Tierce: Ew.

Boyfriend: What am I doing?

Me: You're going to be the judge.

Boyfriend: Okay, what do I have to do?

Tierce: Let me go!

Me: You come up to Tierce and check his teeth.

Boyfriend: [Checks Tierce's teeth]

Tierce: I hate you now. You remember all the times we lay together on the couch, watching TV? That's all dead to me.

Me: Okay, now just run your hand down his back and stretch out his tail down his back legs. Good boy, Tierce! Gooood puppy!

Boyfriend: Okay, now what.

Tierce: Giving me more treats would be good.

Me: Now, just check his testicles.

Boyfriend: What?

Tierce: What?

Me: His testicles. Touch them to make sure he has both. That's what the judges do to make sure the dog has both of them.

Boyfriend: I'm not touching the dog's balls!

Tierce: Yeah! I mean, no! He's not touching my balls.

Me: Oh don't be so silly. All you have to do is-

Tierce: Hey, hands off my personal property!

Me: Good boy! -see?

Boyfriend: No.

Me: It doesn't mean anything. It's something that the judges do.

Tierce: I have just decided not to like the judges.

Boyfriend: Well, the judges can do it, then. I'm not touching the dog's balls.

Me: [angrily] Well then, forget it! It's not like I'm asking much!

Tierce: Well, if you ask me...

Boyfriend: I just don't want to do it!

Me: So sorry for casting aspersions on your sexual orientation. I was unaware that training a dog for show involved your man-pride!

Tierce: Yay, she let me go!

Boyfriend: [stony silence]

Me: [stony silence]

Tierce: I'm free! Who wants to play with this Kong? Or these rings? Or this ball?

Boyfriend: ...

Me: ...

Tierce: Well, um, sorry I asked. Can I go outside?

Me: *sigh* Sure.

Tierce: Yay!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Surprise Shiba toy

I was in search of new and exciting point-n-click games when I noticed a picture of what looked like a stuffed Shiba.

What do you know? It was. Now, to figure out what they're saying and whether I can actually order one.

Shiba mothers kittens

Pooch of a wet nurse: A family dog finds her maternal instincts with a batch of kittens

Snowie the dog was a "certified cat-hater," says her Ewa Beach owner, Frank Schultz.

But that was before the family found four kittens abandoned in their garden shed.

Now Snowie has become their adopted mom, nursing them four to six times a day even though she has never been pregnant.

"I think it's a miracle," said Megumi Schultz, a sixth-grader.

But experts say interspecies nurturing is not uncommon.

"There's tigers that will suckle pigs," said Honolulu Zoo Director Ken Redman. "Somewhere along the line, maternal instinct kicks in."

Ewa Beach sixth-grader Megumi Schultz was astounded when her cat-hating dog started breast-feeding feral kittens they found in her garden shed.

"I was quite shocked when she started nursing them," she recalled as she related how her dog morphed into a tender, doting mother.

Megumi was walking Snowie, her 3-year-old white Shiba-Inu, one morning when they heard meowing coming from the garden shed.

Snowie sniffed under the shed door and was scratched, apparently by a feral cat. When the girl returned with her father, Frank Schultz, they opened the shed to find a litter of four kittens. The feral mother cat darted away and hasn't returned.

"Snowie normally hates cats," said Frank Schultz. "She goes nuts. When we go for a walk, she'll chase 'em down the road. One time she chased one four blocks up into a tree and then tried to climb the tree. If she's not on the leash, she'll attack them."

The Schultz family took the kittens home and began feeding them with kitten formula via eyedroppers.

Then, "kidding around," Schultz's wife, Miyuki, placed one of the kittens on Snowie's teat.

"She looked shocked," said Schultz. "She was looking at us as to say, 'Huh?'"

Then the other kittens started suckling her.

"Snowie just laid there and let them nurse," said Megumi. Now she is producing milk and feeding the kittens four to six times a day. She has never been pregnant or nursed before, but it is possible for females to lactate from nipple stimulation alone.

"I think it's a miracle because you don't normally see dogs nursing cats," said Megumi.

A Google search revealed similar cases elsewhere.

"It's not terribly unheard of ... there's tigers that will suckle pigs," said Ken Redman, director of the Honolulu Zoo. "So somewhere along the line maternal instinct kicks in."

Kawehi Yim of the Hawaiian Humane Society said there also have been cases of cats adopting puppies.

Dr. Eric Ako of the Hawaii Veterinary Medical Association said such cases are "not infrequent," adding, "There's even wider species variations that have been documented ... a monkey has adopted a puppy."

Megumi, who has named the kittens Tabby, Ginger, Momo and Casey, said the accidental mom seems content with her brood.

"She always licks them and follows them everywhere. She protects them. She's really happy, I think, because she doesn't have any companion. I think the kittens will act like dogs, because they are always following her and doing what she does."

Added Frank Schultz: "Usually, we take a long walk at night with Snowie, but now she drags me home so she can take care of the kittens. "

At night, the kittens snuggle up to sleep with Snowie.

Schultz said he's not sure whether they will keep the cats. Some acquaintances have already asked about adopting them when they get big enough, he said.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


The new site for TMS is going up slowly. Sloooooowlllllyyy... You can see that I'm splitting it up into relevant sections, adding new content and fixing bugs. I am doing the happy dance because I figured out why my rollovers weren't showing up (funny when you don't put the right image file in, they don't work).

I decided that I was going to design for 800x600, as I barely get any 640x480 users. I am kind of wondering about the content being aligned left. It looks okay with most screen resolutions, but the larger ones make it look all huddled up against the left side of the screen. I'll have to think about that one.

My eventual goal is to have the site in all of its glory posted up, but possibly add more information about Shibas for adoption, lost Shibas and maybe even expand the site to make it more interactive for Shiba owners and lovers. But this is going to be a long time in coming; for now my goal is to just get the content up and running with good linkage.

Friday, May 30, 2008

The new TMS

The Misanthropic Shiba will be moving to pretty soon - as soon as I can make all the pages. You can see a preview of what the page is going to look like by clicking the link... I'm learning CSS and making it all pretty.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Knob Nots

The company produces these for all breeds, but I thought the "Shiba Inu: Inside and eager to escape" particularly rang true. They are pretty cheap - $3.50 for one and $12 for all four. I might have to get one!

Shiba Inu Friendly Door Alerts

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Neck Point Park

We went geocaching at Neck Point Park on Saturday and I got a really nice picture of Tierce looking out at the lagoon. I'd like to go again one day and check out the caches I didn't get to find. Tierce was acting like an idiot, though. I suspect the last battle of his teenage years is beginning - and we have only 3 weeks until the Nanaimo Kennel Club dog show! Better get cracking...

Here's a big improvement on the last toy

Fleece Shiba kit

For only 1,890 yen, this could be yours! (plus shipping and handling)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Kayaking with Tierce

Today, Mischa and I took Tierce to First Lake, one of the Nanaimo lakes south of the city. We had never been there before and ended up driving longer than we thought. However, it was a fun outing.

Kayaking with Tierce had some problems to be solved. He's come a long way from the four-month-old puppy who I popped in the front hatch with ease:

In fact, it seems like the front hatch is now kind of cramping his style:

This could end up being a problem, because kayaks have this little issue concerning balance. It's really easy to tip one over and I can't have Tierce doing cartwheels while I'm paddling. At one point, Tierce was balancing on the top of the kayak, which ended up badly for him, as he tumbled into the water after slipping on the top.

So, we put him in Mischa's kayak, which has a wider front hatch.

Later, I tried to make a bed for him on the kayak, but it made the kayak too top heavy.

The interesting thing is that Tierce didn't overbalance the kayak when he was balancing on it himself so much as being in the "bed".

So, at this point, I think I have a few options:

- stick a non-slip surface on the kayak so that Tierce can balance on the top easily. However, for sea kayaking, this is not the safest idea.

- teach him to lie against me on the spray skirt or in the cockpit while I'm paddling. Not a lot of room there, plus, there's the danger that he and I could get stuck in the cockpit if we were to capsize.

- let Mischa take him in his kayak's hatch, since it's wider than mine

- figure out a way that he can sit and lie comfortably in the hatch without needing to wriggle, get up, turn around, fall out of the kayak, etc.

I've been searching on the Net for ideas, but haven't got very far. I'm going to see if there are some creative things I can do with waterproof foam padding.

The Vacuum

Tierce: What are you doing?

Me: Getting out the vacuum.

Tierce: It's evil.

Me: It is not evil; it's what stands in the way of your undercoat staging a coup of the entire house.

Tierce: It growls at me.

Me: *sigh* Sure. That's because it hates you.

Tierce: See? It's evil!

Me: Maybe it would be less evil if you stopped trying to bite it while I'm sucking all your hair out of the carpet.

Tierce: I keep trying to warn you about these things, but you never listen to me! It's bad, I tell you.

Me: Ahuh [turns on vacuum]

Vacuum: Growl.

Tierce: Growl.

Vacuum: Just you wait... one day I'll sneak up behind you and suck you right up!

Tierce: Just you try!

Me: Tierce! STOP biting the vacuum!

Tierce: But did you just hear what it said to me?

Me: No! Leave it!

Vacuum: Ha! Your human can't understand my plan to dominate the entire world! Mwahahaha!

Tierce: You'll never succeed! I'll fight you until my dying-

Me: NO! Stop it! You wanna go into the pen?

Tierce: But...

Me: Leave it ALONE.

Vacuum: And then, when I'm done with you, I'm going to suck up all the pizza, all the cheese and all the hamburger...

Tierce: NoooOOOooo!

Me: That's it! Pen!

Tierce: But-

Me: PEN!

Tierce: You don't under-

Me: Fine! [picks Tierce up and deposits him in the pen] And you can just stay there until the cleaning's done!

Vacuum: Mwahahaha...

Vacuum: Mwahahaha! Look at you! You're in the pen! And look at me! Free to cause mass destruction!

Tierce: You'll never get away with this!

Vacuum: Watch me.

Me: Is that a knock at the door?

Vacuum: Hehehe

Tierce: [jumps against pen and knocks the ends askew]

Tierce: Ha! I'm out!

Vacuum: So, we meet again!

Me: Guess there was no one at the door- aw, crap, how did you get out?

Tierce: I'm about to save you from certain death!

Me: We've had this discussion before. Get away from it!

Tierce: No, I can't in all conscience let it do its devil's work any longer!

Me: Good thing I'm pretty much done in here.

Vacuum: Now, know fear!

Tierce: Now, know pain!

Me: STOP IT! [turns off vacuum]

Tierce: I won't let it threaten this house any longer!

Vacuum: Glarg.

Tierce: ha HA! I killed it!

Me: I just turned it off.

Tierce: You should be more careful with these things; you could have been seriously hurt. Good thing I was here.

Me: Uh, yeah, sure.

Tierce: So, now what are we doing? How about a walk to celebrate my victory?

Me: No, I still want to vacuum the stairs and the bedroom.

Tierce: What?

Vacuum: Growl.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Meme evolution in action!

From this:

To this:

To arrive at:

You can buy the T-shirt. :)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Shibas in dog books

I have a collection of older dog books and keep my eye out for others. Being a Shiba fancier, I always check to see if there's any reference to the Shiba in any dog book (often I am disappointed; they are only now becoming popular enough to merit a reference in books outside of the kennel clubs' book compilations of the dogs they recognize). Most of the time, if there is a mention, it is somewhat akin to the National Geographic "Man's Best Friend" - [referring to dogs used for small game hunting] "In Japan, it's the little Shiba". Which is fine; at least they acknowledge that the breed exists.

However there are some weird notions about Japanese breeds and Shibas in particular that I have found in this one book, "The New Dog Encyclopedia" (The Stackpole Company, 1970, ISBN: 0-8117-1064-5)

The smallest dog of this type is called the Shiba, or the Shiba Inu. It stands 14 to 16 inches at the shoulder.

So far, they're doing fine. But then they stray into what I can only call a wild flight of fancy, or the result of experience with a very small percentage of the Shiba population.

The Shiba differs from the Akita and the Nippon Inu in that it is born tail-less or with a short bob- tail. In this, it is like another miniature Spitz, the Schipperke.


Here's one of the earliest pictures of Tierce at 3 weeks (his breeder sent me a whole set of pictures that she took from birth to 8 weeks):

And notice the appendage that The New Dog Encyclopedia claims shouldn't be there:

And, since I didn't rectify this situation, it has only grown and become more obvious:

Do we actually have defective Shibas? Should we actually have red, red sesame or black-and-tan Japanese Schipperkes? Or, as I suspect, did the person who submitted this particular piece of information only see one "Shiba" who happened to be wearing a shorter tail than most?

Of course, if one reads further, one finds that the book claims that the Beauceron hails from South America, so I think that somebody was hitting the sauce during certain portions of the editing process.