Monday, June 30, 2008

It's muggy in Nanaimo

Tierce: It's hot.

Me: Well we're at the lake. Go swimming.

Tierce: No.

Me: Why? You like splashing around in it.

Tierce: If it touches my back, it will swallow me up.

Me: It will not. See? I'm swimming.

Tierce: You're crazy. There's MONSTERS in there.

Me: Oh, don't be silly. Come on.

Tierce: No.

Me: Too bad; you're going to learn that water won't hurt you.

Tierce: NO.

Me: Okay, don't worry. I've got you.

Tierce: This is bad! Let me go!

Me: Ouch! Stop it!

Tierce: I'm just trying to get back to shore before the water gets me.

Me: It's not going to get you. Now isn't that nice and cool?

Tierce: I hate you.

Me: How's the water.

Tierce: Cool and refreshing and I still hate you.

Me: Okay, good boy! Now swim to shore!

Tierce: Hate, hate, hate.

Me: There, now aren't you cooler?

Tierce: Much, owing to your cold, cold heart.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Helena dogs

Here's a blog focussing on the fight to recapture and rehome the Helena dogs, dumped by Mayor Valley of Helena:


In more Helena news, Mayor Valley 'apologized' for the release of the dogs - by claiming that the incident was a "distraction" from the good being done in the Helena area, blaming "a renegade humane society from the southeastern portion of [Arkansas]", and stating that he had broken no law and that the dogs "set free" by his order were not a danger to anyone.

Apparently Valley failed to note the laws pertaining to cruelty to animals, not to mention a rather obvious fact that domestic animals left to turn feral, become a danger to people via disease and predatory/territorial behaviour.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sprout Widget

Sprout offers an easy widget maker, so I've made one that is going on all my pages:

If there's anyone who wants to advertise a rescue Shiba on TMS, you can send me a picture with the following information:

Age (Puppy, Young Adult, Adult, Senior)
Other Pets?
Any other info that you want to give; I'll try to get it on there!

I can make a button that points to a particular page featuring your rescue dog, as well as one that points to your site. If you would rather just feature your rescue, I'll be happy to do that as well.

Contact me at for more info.


Sunday, June 22, 2008


I created a couple of pages:

Shiba inus

Canadian Shiba inus

I'm going to add more stuff to them; just playing around with what Squidoo can do!

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Once again, I've updated the entire site at I like this better! I'll be adding more ads to the ad side of the pages, but I like the layout better now.

According to my tests, this layout will show the following:

  • 640x480: menu, main article
  • 800x600: menu, main article, link buttons to store, blog, and about us page
  • 1024x768 and above: menu, main article, link buttons to store, blog, and about us page, and ads - wonderful ads that pay for this website! (ouch, did that hint pinch?)

I want to add:
  • thumbnails of the graphics that are offered in the store
  • a complete sitemap that includes subpages
  • a page for letters and responses
  • some kind of widget that rotates pictures and info of rescue shibas needing homes
    • also a widget that shows an auto alert for missing shibas
Lots to do... :)

In other news, Bella is still at large. She was spotted last Sunday, so for all of you dog lovers in the San Jose area, keep your eyes open!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wherein self-interest meets self-pity to the great satisfaction of all concerned

Tierce: Ooo, let's go out for a walk!

Me: I don't want to.

Tierce: But it's sunny outside and there's things to smell!

Me: Leave me alone.

Tierce: ...

Tierce: I bet you want to. Look how bright it is out! And I want to see if the Labrador from down the street stopped by. Did you know that I can smell one part of urine in a million parts of-


Tierce: ...

Tierce: [poke]

Me: I hate myself. I hate my life.

Tierce: I bet if you walk me, you'll feel better. Well, I'll feel better, but isn't that the same thing?

Me: I'm a loser.

Tierce: LOOK! There he goes! Let's go out so I can smell what he's been up to!

Me: *sniff*

Me: I hate you.

Tierce: But you love walks, right?

Me: I hate walking you. I hate everything about it.

Tierce: But I'm really cute, right?

Tierce: [unbelievably cute look with the flattened ears and the wagging tail and the big eyes]


Tierce: I'm soooo cuuuutttteeee... and I wannagoforawalk. Walk me!

Me: I'm ugly and fat.

Tierce: Walk me and get thinner!

Me: I'm depressed.

Tierce: A brisk walk will make you happier!

Me: *sob*

Tierce: [poke]

Me: ...go awayyy...

Tierce: I will when you walk me.


Tierce: Yay!

Me: Shut up!


Tierce: And here's where that Labrador from down the street peed a half-hour ago. Whew; I don't think they're feeding her very well. That Lhasa apso mix next door, though, he got steak today. Why don't I get steak? And there's some mixed breed that came by. Doesn't smell like someone local, but-

Me: You know, it's nice and sunny out. I feel better.

Tierce: -better not come around my yard; I'll make him regret it. Ooooh, that unspayed cocker spaniel was here... she's something, for sure-

Me: I should have come out and gone for a walk earlier; maybe I would feel better if I got more sunlight.

Tierce: -oooh, a hamburger wrapper! There's not much on it, though, more's the pity. I think I smell that Springer from across the way, but she hasn't been here recently-

Me: You know, I'm really glad to have you, Tierce. You made me get out and enjoy the day.

Tierce: -that Golden Retriever two houses up. Smells like she doesn't have much time left. She must be, what. Fifteen? Sixteen? Oooh! A bug!

Me: Tierce?

Tierce: -got to get it, aaah, aaah, GOT YOU! Mmm... crunchy- ew, sour. Pah! Bleh!-


Tierce: What?

Me: I'm really glad to have you in my life.

Tierce: Of course you are.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fallout continues over dogs

Fallout continues over dogs

Helena-West Helena Mayor James Valley is facing possible criminal charges after the Humane Society of Southeastern Arkansas filed charges with the Phillips County Sheriff’s Department Monday after Valley directed city sanitation workers to free 10 dogs at the St. Francis National Forest last Wednesday. Ruby Burton, director of the Humane Society of Southeast Arkansas, swore out an affidavit for arrest against Valley, citing state animal cruelty laws dealing with abandonment, mistreatment and neglect, all Class A misdemeanors. At press time, no information on whether a warrant was issued for his arrest had been received.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Not about Shibas, but of interest to any dog lover

Arkansas city releases shelter dogs into national forest

I wish to Dog this was an Onion news article, but it's not.

"They are better off free," Mayor James Valley said Thursday. "Pardon the pun, but it was just something that was dogging us. So it would be easier for us until we get a facility and have a plan that we just not be in the animal shelter business."

Here is a blog entry with a letter from the mayor concerning the incident.

...we are or have released all but a few our those animals heretofore housed at the sanitation shop. We fed and watered them and took them to the St. Francis National Forest and released them to freedom.

Isn't it ironic that St. Francis of Assisi is the patron saint of animals? Unfortunately the St. Francis National Forest is not the patron park of domestic dogs. Bear, coyote, and alligators are all residents of the park, as well as bats, raccoons and foxes which can carry rabies. Valley has just released ten potential vectors of rabies, not to mention species-specific diseases. Not to mention the fact that Valley states that "[o]ne of our animal control officers has been to the hospital three times in as many months. Twice for bites and once for a severely sprained ankle growing out of incidents with these animals". What happens when these hungry dogs come across people? Kids coming home from school? Pet animals? Livestock?

Do not just point fingers at the mayor! Gloria Higginbotham, director of the Humane Society of the Delta stated that "the animals were “better off” fending for themselves."

Well, looky here: Mayor Valley's Journal where he tells us that he can be reached at City Hall, 98 Plaza Street, (72390); (870)572-3421 Telephone (870)572-5034 Facsimile (870)817-4035 Cellular Phone. His mailing address is P O Box 248, Helena-West Helena, AR (72342).

This looks like his website, but note it has a different mailing address.

Humane Society of the Delta
website; phone:
(870) 589-3396. The contact page on the website gives some different numbers: (870) 816-5979 and (870) 572-2902

I wonder how long these people would survive if dumped out in buttfuck nowhere with no food, no shelter, no tools, and no knowledge of how to survive.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dogs, Showing, and Testicles

Me: I need your help to practice showing with Tierce.

Tierce: Ew.

Boyfriend: What am I doing?

Me: You're going to be the judge.

Boyfriend: Okay, what do I have to do?

Tierce: Let me go!

Me: You come up to Tierce and check his teeth.

Boyfriend: [Checks Tierce's teeth]

Tierce: I hate you now. You remember all the times we lay together on the couch, watching TV? That's all dead to me.

Me: Okay, now just run your hand down his back and stretch out his tail down his back legs. Good boy, Tierce! Gooood puppy!

Boyfriend: Okay, now what.

Tierce: Giving me more treats would be good.

Me: Now, just check his testicles.

Boyfriend: What?

Tierce: What?

Me: His testicles. Touch them to make sure he has both. That's what the judges do to make sure the dog has both of them.

Boyfriend: I'm not touching the dog's balls!

Tierce: Yeah! I mean, no! He's not touching my balls.

Me: Oh don't be so silly. All you have to do is-

Tierce: Hey, hands off my personal property!

Me: Good boy! -see?

Boyfriend: No.

Me: It doesn't mean anything. It's something that the judges do.

Tierce: I have just decided not to like the judges.

Boyfriend: Well, the judges can do it, then. I'm not touching the dog's balls.

Me: [angrily] Well then, forget it! It's not like I'm asking much!

Tierce: Well, if you ask me...

Boyfriend: I just don't want to do it!

Me: So sorry for casting aspersions on your sexual orientation. I was unaware that training a dog for show involved your man-pride!

Tierce: Yay, she let me go!

Boyfriend: [stony silence]

Me: [stony silence]

Tierce: I'm free! Who wants to play with this Kong? Or these rings? Or this ball?

Boyfriend: ...

Me: ...

Tierce: Well, um, sorry I asked. Can I go outside?

Me: *sigh* Sure.

Tierce: Yay!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Surprise Shiba toy

I was in search of new and exciting point-n-click games when I noticed a picture of what looked like a stuffed Shiba.

What do you know? It was. Now, to figure out what they're saying and whether I can actually order one.

Shiba mothers kittens

Pooch of a wet nurse: A family dog finds her maternal instincts with a batch of kittens

Snowie the dog was a "certified cat-hater," says her Ewa Beach owner, Frank Schultz.

But that was before the family found four kittens abandoned in their garden shed.

Now Snowie has become their adopted mom, nursing them four to six times a day even though she has never been pregnant.

"I think it's a miracle," said Megumi Schultz, a sixth-grader.

But experts say interspecies nurturing is not uncommon.

"There's tigers that will suckle pigs," said Honolulu Zoo Director Ken Redman. "Somewhere along the line, maternal instinct kicks in."

Ewa Beach sixth-grader Megumi Schultz was astounded when her cat-hating dog started breast-feeding feral kittens they found in her garden shed.

"I was quite shocked when she started nursing them," she recalled as she related how her dog morphed into a tender, doting mother.

Megumi was walking Snowie, her 3-year-old white Shiba-Inu, one morning when they heard meowing coming from the garden shed.

Snowie sniffed under the shed door and was scratched, apparently by a feral cat. When the girl returned with her father, Frank Schultz, they opened the shed to find a litter of four kittens. The feral mother cat darted away and hasn't returned.

"Snowie normally hates cats," said Frank Schultz. "She goes nuts. When we go for a walk, she'll chase 'em down the road. One time she chased one four blocks up into a tree and then tried to climb the tree. If she's not on the leash, she'll attack them."

The Schultz family took the kittens home and began feeding them with kitten formula via eyedroppers.

Then, "kidding around," Schultz's wife, Miyuki, placed one of the kittens on Snowie's teat.

"She looked shocked," said Schultz. "She was looking at us as to say, 'Huh?'"

Then the other kittens started suckling her.

"Snowie just laid there and let them nurse," said Megumi. Now she is producing milk and feeding the kittens four to six times a day. She has never been pregnant or nursed before, but it is possible for females to lactate from nipple stimulation alone.

"I think it's a miracle because you don't normally see dogs nursing cats," said Megumi.

A Google search revealed similar cases elsewhere.

"It's not terribly unheard of ... there's tigers that will suckle pigs," said Ken Redman, director of the Honolulu Zoo. "So somewhere along the line maternal instinct kicks in."

Kawehi Yim of the Hawaiian Humane Society said there also have been cases of cats adopting puppies.

Dr. Eric Ako of the Hawaii Veterinary Medical Association said such cases are "not infrequent," adding, "There's even wider species variations that have been documented ... a monkey has adopted a puppy."

Megumi, who has named the kittens Tabby, Ginger, Momo and Casey, said the accidental mom seems content with her brood.

"She always licks them and follows them everywhere. She protects them. She's really happy, I think, because she doesn't have any companion. I think the kittens will act like dogs, because they are always following her and doing what she does."

Added Frank Schultz: "Usually, we take a long walk at night with Snowie, but now she drags me home so she can take care of the kittens. "

At night, the kittens snuggle up to sleep with Snowie.

Schultz said he's not sure whether they will keep the cats. Some acquaintances have already asked about adopting them when they get big enough, he said.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


The new site for TMS is going up slowly. Sloooooowlllllyyy... You can see that I'm splitting it up into relevant sections, adding new content and fixing bugs. I am doing the happy dance because I figured out why my rollovers weren't showing up (funny when you don't put the right image file in, they don't work).

I decided that I was going to design for 800x600, as I barely get any 640x480 users. I am kind of wondering about the content being aligned left. It looks okay with most screen resolutions, but the larger ones make it look all huddled up against the left side of the screen. I'll have to think about that one.

My eventual goal is to have the site in all of its glory posted up, but possibly add more information about Shibas for adoption, lost Shibas and maybe even expand the site to make it more interactive for Shiba owners and lovers. But this is going to be a long time in coming; for now my goal is to just get the content up and running with good linkage.